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Glidden Area History    

In 1851, Carroll County was established and attached to Polk County and two years later attached to Shelby County.  Carroll County was one of the first counties to be established in western Iowa.  The only residents in the county, at the time, were native Americans. 

The first settlement in the county was established in Glidden Township in 1854.  Carroll County was named after Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, Maryland, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

A county government was set up in the town Carrollton in 1855. Three years later a courthouse was constructed for $3,000.

In 1869, the centrally located railroad town of Carroll City was chosen as county seat.  The Chicago and Northwestern Railroad laid out the town and built its first building, a warehouse. Later a $4,000 courthouse was constructed on the town square.

By 1890, the city of Glidden grew to 532 residents, making it the third largest city in the county.

Today Glidden, located right along Highway 30, is home to more than 1,256 people and dozens of thriving businesses...learn more




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