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Glidden Public Library    

The Glidden Public Library is located at 131 Idaho Street and serves more than 2,300 area residents annually.The library's collection includes more than 9,635 books, dozens of magazine subscriptions, 110 CDs/records/cassettes and other audio materials, as well as more than 280 videos on DVD and VHS. The library also provides Internet access for use by residents as well as special programs and events.

Residents make at least 6,600 visits annually, with 39 percent of all check-outs from the children's section. The Carroll County Genealogical Library is also located in the facility and is staffed weekly by a CCGS member.

Glidden Public Library
110 Idaho St.
PO Box 345
Glidden, IA 51443


Monday        12:00-5:00
Tuesday       12:00-5:00
Wednesday 12:00-5:00
Thursday      10:00-6:00
Friday           12:00-5:00
Saturday        9:00-1:00
Sunday          Closed




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