4 Dangerous Roads And Highways in Seattle

Seattle is a great city with many wonderful places to visit. However, there are some roads and highways that should be avoided at all costs. The following article will cover four of the most dangerous roads in Seattle. When you meet with an accident on these streets, make sure to call for help!

1) Highway 99

Highway 99 connects Seattle to other major cities in the northwest. It’s also one of the most dangerous highways in America, with over 800 collisions reported since 2012! The speed limit on this highway is around 55 mph, but many drivers go much faster. This road has a history of being difficult because it’s always under construction, and there are many exits and entrances.

2) Airport Way

Airport Way is a highway that connects to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac). It’s an important road for people who have flights because it allows them to easily access the airport. However, this stretch of freeway also has some dangerous features and has seen over 900 collisions in just two years!

3) Aurora Ave North

Aurora Avenue is a road that connects the north and south sections of Seattle. There are many great things about this street, but drivers need to be very careful on Aurora because they could meet with an accident at any point. This road has seen over 300 casualties in the last year.

4) Rainier Ave

Rainier Avenue is a street in Seattle that connects the International District and Columbia City neighborhoods. There are many great things about this road; however, you need to be careful because there have been over 150 accidents reported on Rainier just last year! These numbers keep on growing with each passing year.

What To Do If You Meet An Accident: The best thing to do if you meet with an accident on these dangerous roads is to call for help immediately! This should be done as soon as possible because there might be other people who need medical attention.

Also, if you think that you’ve encountered physical injuries and property damage because of someone else’s negligent driving, connect with an accident attorney to fight this battle legally to recover your losses.

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