A Failure to Protect: Nissan Recalls 3.2M Vehicles for Airbag Problems

Nissan is recalling 3.2 million of their vehicles due to faulty airbags manufactured by Takata Corporation. There have been over 100 injuries and 7 deaths from these defective airbags, prompting this recall.

This blog post will discuss the lawsuit that Nissan owners can file against the company for manufacturing default and what you should do if your vehicle has a manufacturing defect.

What Is Nissan’s Case?

Nissan’s argument is that Takata knew about the defects and failed to disclose them. This led to drivers not being aware of the dangers, leading people in low-humidity areas (such as Florida) to be more exposed than others. They argue that they couldn’t have acted appropriately to fix the issue because they didn’t have this knowledge.

What Are Your Rights As A Car Owner?

Nissan owners can file a lawsuit against Nissan for manufacturing default or negligence in designing and developing defects. Legal experts suggest that there is no statute of limitations on these types of cases, so you are not required to act soon after discovering your injury. You should talk to a lawyer about filing your lawsuit because the statute of limitations is different in each state and country.

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Has A Manufacturing Defect?

If you believe that you are experiencing symptoms relating to an airbag defect, such as physical pain or injury from contact with hot metal, please go to the hospital immediately for medical attention. If you are experiencing symptoms that are not as serious, please contact your service department to schedule an appointment to inspect and repair the vehicle’s airbag system.

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