How Can You Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

The reasons for having a speeding ticket dismissed vary from state to state, just as traffic rules and penalties do. It is, however, feasible. It’s critical to remember that paying for your ticket does not absolve you of responsibility. Instead, it will show that you acknowledge various penalties being imposed on you. If you don’t want to find yourself in such a dire situation, pay heed to the tips mentioned below.

  • The most typical scenario in which a speeding ticket is dropped is when you appear in court on time, but the officer who gave it does not. The issuing officer is the only one who can back up your case against you. If this doesn’t work, you may ask for your lawsuit to be dismissed. You should seek expert legal assistance from the top law firms if it doesn’t work. Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Firm is one such law firm that you can approach for this purpose.
  • If the officer makes a significant error during the trial, they may be excused. Inconsistent testimony or omitting crucial facts are two examples of major mistakes. Pay close attention to everything the officer says and write down any contradictions so you can demonstrate their flaws.
  • This may be difficult, but if you can prove or at least raise concerns that the officer’s equipment to decide whether or not to write you a ticket was faulty, such as a radar detector, you might be able to have your citation canceled. 
  • In exceptional situations, the officer’s recording of your data might result in instant termination. Incorrect driver’s license or license plate number, an incorrect date, or a wrong vehicle code section are examples of mistakes. The Judge may rule that the ticket is invalid in these situations and dismiss your case. 
  • If you weren’t there when the ticket was issued and can verify it, the court might dismiss your case. This defense is most frequently used by individuals who receive red light camera citations in the mail, but it may be utilized against those who received a ticket from an automatic speed detector.

So, play your cards right and take guidance from an expert attorney to ensure that your traffic ticket can get dismissed easily.

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