How To Obtain Long-Term Disability Approval

Long-term disability insurance (LTD) pays compensation if an employee cannot work for an extended period due to an injury, accident, or illness. This type of insurance pays a percentage of the employee’s salary while away from work.

In general, you might be eligible for long-term disability compensation if you invest in long-term disability insurance or have a medical issue that your insurance policy considers a disability. Many people believe that long-term disability insurance is just for people who have been physically harmed in an accident and cannot work as a result. While this may be true, it’s vital to note that various medical issues qualify you for disability benefits.

You must remember, it’s in the insurance company’s best interest to show that you don’t qualify for long-term disability benefits under your policy’s terms. Following a denial of a long-term disability claim, many consumers are left feeling bewildered and saddened at the prospect of putting in the time and effort required to get the insurance provider to payout.

If you’re expected to pay premiums for your LTD coverage, it probably goes without saying that failing to do so on time could result in your insurance lapse. However, the majority of people covered by LTD plans receive free coverage from their employers.

Working with a long-term disability claims attorney who can counsel you and handle the appeal process on your behalf can help you feel more at ease and make the legal procedure go more smoothly during this trying time. Don’t risk losing your appeal because of a technicality or because you lack all of the essential facts, especially if there are specific laws that can assist you. Between the time you become disabled and the time you can start receiving benefits, almost all LTD policies have an “elimination period.” This is essentially a period of ineligibility for LTD compensation while you wait.

If you’ve been granted LTD benefits, almost all insurance requires you to file for Social Security Disability benefits as well. This is because your insurance provider may deduct the money you receive from Social Security from your monthly LTD payment. It would be best if you chose attorneys, such as Abell & Capitan Law, to represent you in your Social Security case.

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