The Quality Glass Tubing For E-Cigarettes

Most fresh e-smokers are pleased to be freed of tobacco and accept that most e-cigarette tanks and drip tips are plastic. However, you may wish to reduce your chemical exposure even more by avoiding plastic as time passes. A few firms have developed glass e-cigarette tanks and drip tips to address this void. Although glass e-cigarette accessories are more expensive than plastic e-cigarette accessories, they are more durable and attractive. They won’t react with your e-liquids.

The Genesis has the potential to be the most gorgeous glass e-cigarette cartomizer tank ever created. The basic Senisis, which costs $84.95, is made of glass and stainless steel. Brass and padauk wood is used in the higher-end versions. This is breathtaking. Although it’s tough to tell from the product description, the Senisis looks to be more than a conventional punched hole cartomizer tank. Instead, it appears to be an atomizer system in its entirety, replete with changeable wicks and stainless steel mesh. Unfortunately, if you aren’t already on the Senisis waiting list, you will have to wait a long time.

From sleek industrial style to sheer fanciful artistry, BlackRaven Tips is another best item in the list of glass e-cigarette drip tips and tanks that takes us to the next level. Teena, an ECF member, used her great glass and metalworking skills to start a modest home company in 2012, creating exquisite glass drip tips. 

Stephan Hagstrom, a glass artist, has produced a broad range of glass drip tips, which he sells through the website mentioned above and at least one local Idaho shop. Some of his works have such fine detail that the lines and patterns appear to continue forever. 

For 510 atomizers and cartomizers, Green Tech Packaging provides beautiful art glass drip tips. Although they used to manufacture drip tips for various atomizers, it appears that their product selection has recently been reduced. It’s the type that everyone nowadays seems to be utilizing.

The fascinating Pyrex e-cigarette tanks from Green Tech Packaging could be precisely the ticket if your preferences tilt toward the abstract. Each design is only manufactured once; you’ll need to keep an eye on the website and buy the tank you want before someone else does.

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