The Top Reasons For Automobile Accidents In Illinois

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a total of 36,096 individuals died as a result of traffic fatalities in 33,244 car accidents in the United States in 2019. In Illinois alone, 1,009 persons perished in 938 fatal crashes in the same year. Here are the top causes of road fatalities in Illinois and across the country:

Driving Under The Influence:

Are driving when drunk or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. It’s against the law. Despite this, far too many Americans continue to drive after drinking too much or while under the influence of drugs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk drivers kill almost 30 Americans every day. 


At any given time, two-thirds of all drivers on the nation’s roads and highways are thought to be speeding. In a crash, running dramatically increases a driver or passenger’s chances of being killed. Speeding drivers have less time to react to sudden stops or slowdowns in front of them. 

Driving While Drowsy or Tired:

An excessively weary driver is equally as dangerous as one who is inebriated. When a tired 18-wheeler driver collides with a considerably smaller passenger vehicle, the outcomes are frequently disastrous. A driver can lose control of their car or fail to react to situations around them in as little as a second or two if they doze off. 

Driving While Distracted:

Cell phones aren’t the only thing that can distract us while driving. Other leading causes of car accidents, aside from cell phone use, are applying makeup, reading, eating and drinking, talking with other passengers, using a GPS, brushing hair, watching a video, and changing the settings on the audio or other onboard components.

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