What To Do If You Are Not Capable Of Child Support Payments

If you are unable to pay child support, you are not alone. The Office of Child Support Enforcement announced in its most recent annual report to Congress in 2019 that 10.7 million cases are in arrears, totaling over $118.1 billion unpaid. That’s more than 600,000 fewer instances than in 2014, and it’s the sixth year in a row that the number of cases has decreased. However, the sum due grew by $1.7 billion during that time.

Not all cases of child support arrears and billions of dollars overdue are due to deadbeat dads, the common term for people who have the means to pay child support but refuse to do so. Many child support issues arise due to situations beyond the parents’ control, such as a lost job, a medical emergency, or simply not having enough cash to cover the monthly financial obligations.

Contact them again after you have a fresh child support amount to discuss a payment plan and other options to assist you in coping with your overdue child support. There are methods available to assist you in minimizing the strain and paying off the debt if you are proactive. 

The majority of those who are late on child support payments are behind in tiny sums. Only 20% of those in arrears owe more than $20,000, but that group accounts for roughly half of all overdue child support obligations. According to data, this most commonly occurs when a parent is jailed because the need to pay child support continues even when the parent’s ability to make an income fails. That’s a problem that’s been at the heart of reform efforts for years.

Whatever the situation may be, you must pay as much as possible, even if it is less than the amount demanded. This demonstrates to a judge that you are making a good-faith attempt, avoids further legal hassle, and keeps the amount you owe to a minimum (and still be responsible for paying). Everything you’ve done thus far will benefit you in the long run. For additional information, contact an expert legal firm like Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P.

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